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Bob Moe is the CEO of Upland Talent, a talent recruitment firm located in the upper Midwest Region. Upland Talent specializes in recruiting talent to fill positions in Heavy Equipment, Ag, Construction, Truck, Power Generation, Material Handling and Mining.
Bob is the go-to person in the Heavy Equipment industry for finding, assessing, and delivering top talent to his clients. Bob is skilled at developing relationships and building trust because he knows the industry and is an expert in the field. With over 30 years of experience developing partnerships throughout North America, Bob effectively recruits the right talent for industry-leading clients. Bob’s career has included education, sales, organizational development, headhunting, owning a successful business, and corporate recruiting division operations management at a large publicly traded company in the Heavy Equipment Industry. Bob prides himself in the ability to provide a positive experience for candidates pursuing a career change. He is committed to guiding clients in the hiring and retention of the best employees. In his spare time, Bob enjoys spending time with his wife and family, traveling and attempting to play golf.